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Qualitative Research

DGMR specializes in recruiting for focus groups and in-depth interviews. Often the best way to gather an in-depth understanding of the respondent perspective is to engage in individual or group conversations.

To complete all recruitment projects, we access our sample database of specialists from A to Z.

Focus groups  ( in-person,  online,  telephone)

— Focus groups offer the advantages of speed, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Clients have the advantage of participating and observing the nuances of both verbal and non-verbal responses.

— We find that the synergy, or combined effect, of group interactions often results in more output than would be obtained individually.

— Participants are likely to be more spontaneous in focus groups, and their informal comments may produce unexpected results leading to new insights.

In-depth interviews  ( in-person,  online,  telephone)

— In-depth interviews with one participant are particularly suitable for sensitive subject matter.

— It also helps protect the “purity” of response, as ideas from one participant do not influence the thoughts of any other participant, especially important when testing new concepts.

— We use in-depth interviewing to elicit the “whys” behind participants’ reactions, obtaining a clearer understanding what participants mean by their answers.

 Professional Moderator

Our moderators are knowledgeable in finding innovative approaches to connect with people on a variety of matters. Our blend of research strength and marketing experience can bring about a deep level of awareness and subtle differences that are essential to driving brand growth in today’s aggressive marketplace.

Our effective moderator strives to get the most out of the research and offers to you:

  • Define a suitable qualitative approach
  • Design questions/develop discussion guide
  • Moderate target audience
  • Analyze data/final report

 Recruitment Specialists

Our consultative screening/recruiting process allows our clients to have the best possible respondents for their projects.

  • Screen and qualify target audience
  • Secure commitment from respondent
  • Recruit for session
  • E-mail confirmation and reminder call
  • Real-time project status updates keep stakeholders informed at all times

Types of challenges we solve for you

DGMR helps guide industry leaders through qualitative insight that solves critical strategic issues relating to:

  • Brand:  launch/re-launch, positioning, equity, communications, messages
  • Market:  opportunity identification/expansion, competitor analysis
  • Customer:  acquisition, retention, satisfaction and loyalty
  • Product:  new innovation, packaging, purchasing and portfolio management